Settle with subtle

Hi guys , hope you are doing well. I am back with yet another post, but before that here is a quick life update. I have started working out and have incorporated HIIT and weight training in my fitness regime. I need not tell you how content I feel these days as I make it a point to hit the gym atleast thrice a week and make the most of it by challenging my fitness level . Pushing the bars , facing the difficulties and making your body do things which you never thought it would do, but that’s how you will grow into a better and fitter version of yourself, isn’t it?

Coming back to the post , to be honest I am a fan of dark colours, vibrant prints and abstract designs, but ever since I started following Miranda Kerr , the first Australian Victoria’s Secret model and founder of Kora Organics I am totally drooling over her new Instagram pictures. Her current style speaks all about being subtle yet elegant and off course super classy. Light coloured dresses and toned down patterns are surely making her the fashion Goddess.

So, recently for a day outing , I decided to play with all nudes and beige to break my taste from prints and solids and shift it to something subtle and soothing to the eyes.

I got this beige elastic neckline, belted top from Cover Story which I paired with my super skinny ankle length white jeans and tied up beige coloured block heels from Ajio. This entire outfit gave me a very relaxed feel without making it look overboard .To pop up the outfit I carried my gold toned Cover story huge shoulder bag as I literally carry the world inside my bag.☺️

If you are going for a day outing or casual meeting then, these genre of colours are perfect regardless what shape or size you are. One plus point of toned down dressing is that you get a vast opportunity to play with your make-up and hairstyles to glam up as per the occasion demands. For make-up I decided to go for a shade of nude for lipshade and kohled eyes as it’s my go-to look and kept slight beach curls for the hair, but off course like I always say , there is no limit to fashion and the style statements which you can create are endless.

That’s it for today’s post. I hope you guys liked this look as much as I did while creating it and do share in the comments below whether you are a fan of glam doll or classy but sassy kinda dress-up.🤗☺️

So until next time this is me Debipriya signing off and don’t forget to stay confident and stylish.

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