Shoot story❤

“People will stare .Make it worth their while”
        -Harry Winston

Hello people ☺😊 .How have you been?? (U can reply by commenting).

Its been a month since I started blogging and I haven’t spoken much about myself .So here I am with a quick introduction . Well to start with I am neither a  model not a renowned fashion influencer  and this is all about my SHOOT STORY.😚😚

Well I am an engineering student (Computer Science and Engineering) from Kolkata but currently persuing my Btech from Bhubaneshwar . Shocked? Don’t be !! 😃 .

Well, we all  have our little  dreams in our small box and most of the time it remains in the private rooms. To be honest I love being clicked and posing and this is what made me think of starting my own blog . As I mentioned earlier that I am not an influencer but I believe that little things in life ,at some point of time turns to be productive☺ and this made me write stories of what I wear and appreciate .To create a fashion statement Its not really necessary to own the luxury brands but to create a look that makes you feel confortable without a hole in your pocket .

So my story starts with a competition in which I participated in the year 2013 after my boards and won the first position in it and got featured in the monthly calender .


Over the years I brushed up myself and became a more confident person without being stressed out of my body type .So its my humble request to all my pretty ladies ,never feel embarrassed of your skin tone or body ,they are just an illusion ,so always be proud of your skin and trust me you will be the most beautiful soul in the crowd. Above all , never run after brands but present your style in a niche way to make yourself a brand.





  So, this is my story behind starting a blog but this is definitely not the end and we will surely take this to another level  .Hope you guys liked the pics  from my collection and  enjoyed the post ….please do subscribe for my post and feel free to comment.
Until next this is me signing off…tattaazz.

With love
Debipriya Das.❤

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