The Tassel Story


hellooo my lovies,its been long since my last blog post ,was a bit busy with my studies .I hope all of you are doing well.

So ,as we all ladies crave for accessories and a pair of earrings is what we totally worth, aren’t we? so yes it is the same with me too.
This time during my Kolkata stay I got a pair of beautiful mid-length tassels and i am so loving it.

The earrings have a very simple flower carved cut which can compliment both your western and traditional outfit remarkably and help you create your own style statement. The best part of the earrings is its super light weight design which will be perfect for all day wear for girls like me who doesnt really go for heavy jewellries.

So girls whats are your waiting for? Go get your pair of tassels as the wedding season is on..

Till next time this is me debipriya signing off..Love you all😊😊❤



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  1. Hi Madam, Take My respect first. Great to visit ur blog. May your life be such that it inspires others to emulate. God be with you and may He bless you in everything you do.. Regards Soumya..


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